Muhsen Owaida
PhD 2012

I am a postdoctoral researcher in the Systems Group at ETH Zurich. I do research in the area of FPGA-based Computing, covering a variety of topics: CPU-FPGA system integration, applications accelerator design, high level synthesis, and FPGA architectures.

Today, a new market is emerging for FPGAs in datacenters and Cloud computing realm. One distinct feature of this market is that FPGAs will come closer than ever before to state-of-the-art powerfull CPUs, such as Intel's Broadwell-Aria chip package. The new market is bringing a lot of excitement with several open questions? How the CPU and FPGA will cooperate to execute an application? What type of tools and programming environment will available for FPGAs? High level synthesis tools? off-the-shelf libraries of FPGA executables (bitstreams)? Or just traditional FPGA RTL programming tools? What about FPGA architecture, will it change to suit the nearby beefy CPU? In my research I am trying to answer these and other similar questions.